Responsible Person

For your product to be sold in the UK and/or EU, it will need to have a legal representative in the UK and /or EU country. You will therefore need to appoint a cosmetics Responsible Person (RP) to be able to put the products on the market.

The Responsible person, therefore, has to provide and/or ensure the following:

1. Annel fulfills the role of a Responsible Person in the UK, representing customer to the competent authorities in relation to Cosmetic Products registered in the SCPN portal.

2. Annel fulfills the role of a Responsible Person in the EU, representing customer to the competent authorities in relation to Cosmetic Products registered in the CPNP portal.

3. Notification of any nanomaterials contained in the Cosmetic Product to the European Commission for the EU and to the OPSS in the UK by submitting an application 6 months before the introduction of the Product onto the market.

4. Providing assistance and guidance with creation of PIF (Product Information Files) in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, including information that the products were produced according to Good manufacturing practice (GMP), the safety assessment had been conducted, product claims substantiation provided.

5. Cosmetic product labelling guidance and review of the product label for mandatory changes.

6. Safe-keeping of Cosmetic Product Information File for 10 years from the date of placing the last batch of the Product on the market.

7. Annel’s address/es placed on the container and product’s packaging as a Responsible Person’s contact details.

8. Informing the Customer of any requests for audit from the competent authorities. Following a request from the authority, Annel cooperates with the authorities by providing all the necessary information relating to the Cosmetic Product in order to demonstrate compliance with the legislation.

9. Informing the client of customer queries and responding accordingly.

10. Notifying the competent authorities of any undesirable or serious undesirable effects resulting from the use of the Product.

11. In case of non-conformity of the product with the UK or EU regulation, Annel takes appropriate measures, including product recall, removal of the products or taking corrective action to bring that product into conformity. Annel Ltd. cooperates with authorities to eliminate the risk posed by cosmetic products.

Why choose a professional Responsible Person (RP)?

Responsible person’s job requires expertise in various areas. What are the advantages of having a professional Responsible Person (RP)?

1. It is the professional Responsible Person’s full time job to keep track of the ever-changing UK and EU legislation, making sure that they are familiar with the legislative updates so that customers’ cosmetic products remain compliant with the UK and/or EU legislation.

2. Responsible Person provides  the clients with regulatory advice and thanks to their expertise they are able to provide answers faster and more accurately. A professional RP can be your single point of contact for any regulatory issue in the UK and/or EU. RP experts in the field help clients to compile the Product Information File faster, ensuring that the file is fully compliant with the Regulation.

3. A professional Responsible Person (RP) is proficient in the use of the CPNP and SCPN portal notification process, they performs product notifications faster and without errors.

4. Even if you change your distributor, your Responsible Person (RP) remains the same, eliminating the need to reprint your labels (labels have to state the name and address of the Responsible Person) and the need to notify your products once again.

5. A professional Responsible person can easily answer the questions that the UK or EU competent authorities might have, and handle any crisis that might arise.

6. You can be sure that a professional Responsible Person will treat your Product Information Files with care, keeping the information confidential. The files will be kept for 10 years the date of placing the last batch on the UK or EU market

7. A professional Responsible Person’s task is to ensure the compliance of your products at all times.

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