Z zachowaniem poruszania się po zawiłościach przepisów dotyczących kosmetyków w UE i Wielkiej Brytanii! Nasz przewodnik zawiera tematy dotyczące zgodności na zrozumiałe sekcje, wraz z przykładami z życia wziętymi, co zapewnia jasne zrozumienie nawet jeśli nie jesteś profesjonalnym w tej dziedzinie.

The EU and UK are enforcing new regulations to reduce microplastic usage in the beauty industry. Download this free guide to check if your products are compliant. 

Dzięki naszemu obszernemu przewodnikowi sprawnie poruszasz się po zawiłościach „LOKALNYCH PRZEPISÓW DOTYCZĄCYCH TWORZYW SZTUCZNYCH I OPAKOWAŃ”. Dzielimy złożone struktury regulacyjne w państwach członkowskich UE na dostępne sekcje, przedstawiając jasne spostrzeżenia i profesjonalne przypadki z życia wzięte, aby zapewnić dokładne zrozumienie, niezależnie od poziomu Twojej wiedzy w tej dziedzinie.

Dive into this enlightening guide on recycling logos to unlock the secrets of sustainable living! With its focus on the latest 2023 recycling practices in the UK and Italy, this document is not just informative but a crucial tool for anyone keen on making environmentally conscious choices. Get ready to transform your recycling habits with this must-read resource!

Discover the Sorting Info initiative for packaging in France! This concise guide outlines mandatory labelling, including the Triman logo, to simplify waste sorting. Learn about the implementation deadline, key components, and the potential penalties for non-compliance. Find out how compliance ensures adherence to environmental laws and contributes to a greener future. Dive into this quick read for essential insights into responsible packaging practices!

Discover German regulations on packaging and plastic! Learn about rules since 2019, registration obligations, and steps for compliance. Uncover details on licensing fees, data reporting, and penalties. Also, explore upcoming 2024 changes for single-use plastic. This knowledge minimizes risks and supports sustainable waste management!

Explore Italy’s Plastic Packaging Tax! Understand the evolving effective date, exemptions, and companies subject to tax. Learn about the refund process, registration obligations, and potential penalties for non-compliance. Stay informed on Italy’s commitment to the EU Green Deal. Your key to navigating the dynamic landscape of plastic and packaging regulations in Italy!

Dive into Spain’s Plastic Packaging Tax! Effective since January 1, 2023, the law aims to curb non-reusable plastic through taxation. Explore taxed packaging types, exemptions, and the threshold for taxable companies. Learn about registration requirements for manufacturers, intra-EU acquirers, and importers. Understand the tax base and potential penalties for non-compliance. Stay informed on Spain’s push for a circular economy with these crucial insights!

Master EU and UK Labelling Rules for Tubes nad Bottles! This guide simplifies legal requirements for cosmetic product labels, covering key elements like product details, ingredients and manufacturing information. Essential for manufacturers and distributors, it ensures your product comply with stringent standards, maintaining your brand’s integrity and consumer trust.

Dive into the intricacies of cosmetics labelling with packaging for the EU and UK markets with our in-depth guide. It offers clear guidelines and actionable examples, becoming an invaluable resource to navigate and implement the essential legal requirements, ensuring your products are fully compliant with industry regulations.

The text outlines requirements and guidelines for cosmetic product packaging in the EU/UK. It covers mandatory information, exemptions for nominal quantity labeling for specific products, regulations and guidance references, as well as guidelines for multilingual stickers and customs market stickers. The information also includes how to indicate capacity, ingredient descriptions, expiration dates, and batch numbers on packaging.